The objective

Our program is designed train students in the art of floral design so that they could be expected to successfully perform requested floral designs.
The program consists of Flowers 101, 102, 103 and 104, covering 120 hours of instruction. Although some of the time is spent in lectures, a significant amount of the course (98%) involves hands-on experience.

The Program

The program consists of Flowers 101, 102, 103 and 104, covering 120 hours of instruction. Although some of the time is spent in lectures, a significant amount of the course (98%) involves hands-on experience.


This is an intense three week professional course.
As with any educational training, your active participation is required to fully benefit from the instruction.

Tuition cost is $3,375.00
 as of October 1, 2016. 
Registration Fee: $75.00
Total Tuition and Registration: $3,450

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  • Basic Floral Design Practices - Flowers 101

    Course Hours: Lecture 30.5, Lab 20.5
    Instructor - Joe Emerick
    During the first week of training, students learn the basic design forms used throughout the floral industry. Concepts studied during this stage provide the building blocks for subjects studied during the remainder of the class. The following subjects are presented in this course: Bows (all sizes), Corsages (including wrist and hairpieces), Boutonnieres, Bud Vases, Carnation/Rose Arrangements, Colonial and Convex Curve arrangements. These presentations are constructed by the students and graded by the instructor. Since these are the basic elements in the floral industry, they will be revisited during weeks two and three. Much time is spent practicing to refine these basic skills. Our goal is for the student to be able to reproduce these basic floral designs correctly and without hesitation by the end of the course. The proper care in receiving, processing and storing fresh flowers is mandatory for the profitability of a flower shop. This course gives this subject detailed attention.
  • Sympathy Flowers - Flowers 102

    Course Hours: Lecture 9.0, Lab Hours 16.0
    Instructor - Joe Emerick
    This course teaches all of the floral elements dealing with the passing of a loved one from the initial consultation to the delivery of the flowers. Students design various arrangements suitable for funerals, viewings, and memorial services. These arrangements include Traditional Sympathy arrangements, Casket Sprays, Easel Sprays and Casket Pillows.Through lecture and demonstration, students study the proper care and handling of different types of Planters and House Plants along with the construction of Novelty Planters and Blooming Gardens. In addition to this, students learn plant decoration including foils, bows, fresh flowers and dried materials.
  • Wedding Flowers - Flowers 103

    Course Hours: Lecture 8.5, Lab 16.0
    Instructor - Joe Emerick
    Detailed instruction is given on proper wedding etiquette and procedures. Students learn how to conduct a Wedding Consultation, offering suggestions on flowers which fit the desires and budget of the wedding participants.Construction of bridal and attendant bouquets includes the Colonial and Cascade. Specialty items are demonstrated such as the Flower Girl Basket, Altar pieces and Reception Flowers.In addition, this course teaches the student construction of the Parallel Arrangement, The Formal Triangle as well as a High-Style Arrangement.
  • Flower Shop Operations - Flowers 104

    Course Hours: Lecture 14.0, Lab 6.0
    Instructor - Keith Wiederhold
    Throughout the entire program, we have interspersed a series of presentations to give the student an understanding of the business aspects of a retail flower shop. These subjects in their entirety constitute Flowers 104.The ability to take an order accurately and completely is highly stressed. A thorough presentation of a standard industry form will be taught in class. Students practice the various types of orders they will encounter in a "typical" flower shop. These range from the "walk-in", telephone and wire-in order.During this part of the course, a student will also learn the proper method for pricing floral arrangements and other floral products. Various floral industry standard mark-ups and labor charges will also be taught.Flower identification is important for every staff member of a florist. This part of the course will require the student to learn the top varieties of flowers and greens carried by most florist across the U.S.During the business section of the course, students will be introduced to the Wire Services. These include FTD®, Teleflora™, and BloomNet. The bookkeeping methods for this system are also described. Schedule permitting, the FTD Representative from the area is a featured guest speaker.A field trip to one or two of the floral suppliers is offered as part of the course providing all course work has been met up to the day the trip is scheduled. The trip is tentatively scheduled the last day of class and all students are required to attend.
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